Wayne Anderson

Welcome!  As a leader governing the process, people, and technology of security and compliance at scale, I am dedicated to investing in the people of security teams, building holistic high-communication, high-comfort security advisors to achieve business outcomes.


That passion, and a focus on servant leadership means giving back to the community in thought leadership, not simply to build a personal brand, rather only through collaboration – in technical response, in defensive strategy, and in public policy – are we able to stay security-relevant in the protection strategies we execute for the coming decade.



o    Disclosure of Patent Application assigned to McAfee coming October 2021

Conference Presentations

o    2021 – Microsoft Ignite Spring, Ask the Experts: Manage Risk and Secure Information across your environment

o    2020 – Microsoft Ignite, Ask the Experts; Anything Microsoft Compliance

o    2020 – Microsoft Ignite, Ask the Experts: Be a Risk Management Hero

o    2020 – Microsoft Ignite, Ask the Experts: Don’t Lose Sleep over Insider Risk

o    2020 – ISACA GRC Conference, Automation and Proactive GRC: A Case Study or Two

o    2019 – MPower, WannaCry in 2019

o    2019 – RSA Conference,  Overcoming the PaaS Dilemma: What You Do Not See?

o    2018 – MPower, Do not PaaS Along Your Risk

o    2018 – MPower, Maintain Resilience in the Face of SOC Evolution

o    2018 – RSA Conference, Can SOC Overcome Complexity of Cloud

o    2018 – Optiv DS3, Omaha, Feeling the Rain with GDPR in Cloud Access

o    2018 – Optiv DS3, Dallas,  Feeling the Rain with GDPR in Cloud Access

o    2017 – MPower, Panelist, Press Panel: Future of Data Protection in Cyber Security

o    2017 – TechSummit,  Digital Ethics in Practice

o    2016 – O’Reilly Security Summit,  Complex Regulation Practical Security
Recording) (Presentation)

o    2015 – IASA Denver, Selecting a Cloud Model

o    2014 – IASA Seattle, Architect Responsibilities in the Cloud

o    2007 – CU Boulder ACM Colloquium – Enterprise Security


o    2021 – CTO Straight Talk, Panelist, The Promise of 5G: Overhyped or the Real Thing?

o    2021 – CIO Straight Talk, Panelist, Cloud Security: Cloud 9 or a Cloudy Forecast

o    2021 – HCL at Davos, Panelist, Tech Trends for 2030

o    2020 – CIO Straight Talk, Panelist, Managing Cyber Threats while Working Remotely

o    2020 – IDG Tech Talk, Moderator, IT Innovation during the COVID Era

o    2019 – CIO Straight Talk, Panelist, Securing the Unsecured: State of Cybersecurity 2019

o    2019 – CIO Straight Talk, Panelist, Digital Transformation 2030: Technological Revolution or Human Evolution?



o    2018 – McAfee, Presenter, Waves of Cloud: Where is Your Strategy?

o    2018 – McAfee, Presenter, Navigating through Stormy Clouds
Recording) (Presentation)

o    2017 – IASA eSummit, Presenter, Evaluating Risks of Emerging Threats
Presentation) (Agenda)

o    2017 – IASA eSummit, Presenter, Complex Multi-Platform Operations in the Digital World
Presentation) (Agenda)

o    2017 – IASA eSummit, Presenter, Managing the Risk of Connected Everything

o    2016 – Accenture Security Talent Community, Presenter, Emergence of AI in Information Security

o    2016 – IASA eSummit, Presenter, Project Artifacts in a Cloud/Compliance World
Presentation) (Agenda)

o    2015 – IASA Webcast, Presenter, Signposts for Security Investments in a Cloud World


o    2021 – Co-Developer, Instructor, Accelerate: Secure Remote Work at Microsoft

o    2020 – Instructor, Airlift 2020, AMA on Information Protection and Governance

o    2020 – Instructor, Airlift 2020, AMA on Microsoft 365 Compliance

o    2020 – Moderator, TechConnect 2020, Ask the Experts – Be A Risk Management Hero

o    2020 – Moderator, TechConnect 2020, Ask the Experts – Don’t Lose Sleep over Insider Risk

o    2020 – Co-Developer, Instructor, Cybersecurity Group Summer Series: The Microsoft GRC Ecosystem

o    2018 – Co-Developer, Instructor, Integrated Security Architecture Course at McAfee

o    2018 – Developer, Instructor, Improving Presentation Impact through Neuroscience (3-Part Series) at McAfee

o    2018 – Developer, Talking Controls and Mapping Compliance at McAfee


o    2018-2019  – McAfee, Securing Tomorrow Blogs Author, including:

§  Oct 2019 - Securing the Unsecured, State of InfoSec in 2019 (Part 1) (Part 2)

§  Jul 2019 - Getting Started with Cloud Governance

§  Apr 2019 - Our PaaS App Sprung a Leak

§  Mar 2019 – Video: Cloud Security Ecosystem at RSAC 2019

§  Feb 2019 – The Exploit Model of Serverless Cloud Applications

§  Jan 2019 – The Shifting Risk Profile in Serverless Architecture

§  Oct 2018 - 5 Things Your Organization Needs to Know about Multi-Cloud

o    2019 – CIO Straight Talk, 30 Tech Thoughts for 2030

o    2018 – ATARC CISO Summit Whitepaper, Panelist – Impact of Presidential Executive Order on Cybersecurity

o    2018 – LinkedIn, Learning Privacy and Security Lessons from Alex Stamos Under Fire

o    2017 – LinkedIn, Enterprise Information Security in 2018 Starts Before Your Door

o    2017 – Avanade Insights, Building a Shared Risk Model for Secured Cloud

o    2017 – Avanade insights, Surrounding Clients with Security Management to Avoid Risk

o    2017 – Avanade Insights, ISO 27001 Certification Announcement

o    2014 – LinkedIn, aaS: Confusing Sales with Technology

o    2012 to 2015 – Contract Columnist for Certification Magazine

Certification and Recognition

o   International Association of Software Architects
Certified IT Architect: Professional

Board certification as an apex technical architect, based on peer recognition by senior practicing architects in information technology. 

Wayne’s certification review board included industry architecture luminaries such as Boeing Technical Fellow Miriam Grace, IASA Fellow Scott Whitmire, enterprise business architecture leader Andy Ruth, among others.

o    EC Council – Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO)

o   GIAC – GIAC Security Leadership Certified (GSLC)

o   ISACA – Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

o   ISACA – Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE)